About Us

We're the Bucklers, a young farm family in Shelby County, KY. We raise commercial hogs, wool sheep, corn, and soybeans. We farm about 175 acres, and primarily raise our hogs and sheep to be butchered into USDA certified meat. We sell our products by the retail cut, or bundle direct to consumer. All of our animals get butchered by our friends over at Trackside Butcher Shoppe in Campbellsburg, KY. We strive to offer a quality, yet affordable product, and aim to keep our meat in stock year-round.

We keep our pigs in an old farrowing barn, just a short distance away from our main farm. Our sows farrow freely in large open stalls that have individual turnout pens attached. This gives both mama and babies the room they need to run around and grow safely. Our hogs are raised on concrete, so we can quickly and easily clean out their pens to keep the pigs healthy. All of our pigs are on a Non-Gmo diet with corn that was grown on the farm, and supplemented with a pelleted feed made locally by Bagdad Roller Mills. We’re currently in the process of building a new hog barn and lots, here at our home farm so we can expand our operation. Currently we keep around 30-50 feeder pigs, and a couple of sows at a time. Expanding our barns will help us continue to provide pork year round for our customers.

In the winter of 2018/ into early 2019 we drastically increased our sheep flock. We now have around 250 ewes, and lamb January-April. Our main flock consists of commercial Suffolk sheep that we breed to produce fast gaining, high quality, and high yielding lambs. We also have a smaller group of maternal composite white face ewes that were bred from Polypay, Ile De France, and Dorsets. On average we will have approximately 350+ lambs born a year, and primarily market them direct to consumer, through the stockyards, or by selling replacement stock.

Our main goal here at Buckler Farms is to provide a high quality, yet affordable product, because buying local doesn’t have to be expensive. We strive to keep our prices in line with “Supermarket” pricing, and keep product in stock all year. Both, our pork and lamb are sold individually by the cut, in various bundles we offer, or by the whole and half. All of our meat is USDA Certified, meaning its federally inspected at our processing plant and packaged so we can sell it direct. We keep just about every cut in stock, and can sometimes take special requests within reason.

Our USDA Certified Pork and Lamb can be found locally at:

Franklin County Farmers Market 

Mulberry Orchard

Locals Food Hub & Pizza Pub

& Online At Our Farm Store

- Nate, Emily, and Harrison Buckler